Who i am

What others say about me

Tiziana Romeo is an artist-craftswoman who from a simple clay dough is able to create real works of art inspired by different settings, especially fairy tales, cartoons and folk tales. She works on sheets of clay and everything is created exclusively by hand, with no moulds. Each piece is unique and different from the others.

She lives and works in Padova but his Sicilian origins have kept alive in her the love for the sea. The fish are in fact her favorite creations. Fish are suspended in the air thanks to a perfect balance. Tiziana tells us that she makes works useful for the heart, in harmony between shapes and colours, and the fact that everything is hanging in the air makes the pieces less delicate, most dynamic, mobile, in a way more lively.

A young and talented woman, multi-awarded for its artistic ceramics where ideas,shapes and colour are moulded into unique and spectacular artworks to see live.

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